Topic 3: Reflection

This topic has been by far the most enlightening and, consequently, my favourite topic to date. This is due to a multitude of reasons; Primarily, I found the topic to be very relevant to my personal life. As a third year, it goes without saying that the idea of gainful employment is becoming increasingly pressing and the possibility of furthering one’s chances of securing a job is therefore very appealing. As such, building on my already sound knowledge of online professional profiles was particularly intriguing – through reading and researching around the topic I was able to educate myself on the importance of keeping one’s online profiles consistently at a professional standard, the importance employers place on professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn and how one’s professional profile can extend beyond the realms of ones social media profile and into their personal life – Hillary Clinton and Dominique Strauss-Kahn serving as good examples of this.

Furthermore, reading the blogs of other students enabled me to further my understanding of this topic area. For example, in her blog Nicole made good use of statistics to empathise how important sites such as LinkedIn are to employers in terms of scouting potential new employees. This was particularly compelling, rather than relying on rhetoric, Nicole was able to add validity to her argument by using simple facts. Similarly, Harry included statistics presented in info graphics and also made good use of SlideShare to inform readers of his blog how they can build and better their online professional profile. Again, this was very effective as Harry was able to persuade readers how important an authentic online profile is, before succinctly helping them with how then can construct one for themselves, all whilst minimising word count.

The main point of resonation for me from this topic was again how important it is to keep everything we post online PC and professional. In such a competitive job market, one simply cannot afford to be anything less than both authentic and professional.

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