Topic 4: The Penultimate Reflection

This week’s topic proved to be the most stimulating thus far. Despite being perhaps the most specific yet, there were still a multitude of case studies from which one could chose. A quick skim read of the titles of everyone’s blog posts serves as testament to this – they varied from parental control to the use of social media by teachers. This made for some very interesting blog posts that for the first time in this module were focused more on practical examples as opposed to theoretical discussion, something I felt the last few topics potentially had been lacking.

Personally, I chose to write about the use of social media by celebrities and the scrutiny they are put under. I found this to be of particular interest as it can be relevant to the lives of almost anyone with a social media account (incidentally, everyone studying this module!). It appears that others did too, and I enjoyed engaging both Allie and Gus in discussion about my post. This was something I haven’t done in previous weeks and certainly something I felt I improved on this week – It enabled me to defend my viewpoints and also add extra clarity to my post, as well as learning viewpoints from my peers that I might not necessarily have considered.

Regarding the posts of others, I found Xiaolu’s blog to be extremely thought provoking. The post discussed the ethical issues behind parents ‘spying’ on their children, a very precarious issue. Whilst her arguments were sound, I felt she missed a key point – over surveillance can often have the opposite to the desired effect, something I alluded to in my comment.

Will discussed the positive and negatives of scrutiny as a whole on the Internet. Overall, I felt he presented a very balanced point of view. I was also impressed with his use of interactive media, Something I will try to emulate in my final post.








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