Topic 5 – The Final Reflection!


The Breadth of topic 5 has provided no end of material to discuss. Whilst I chose to focus my research on paywalls in the magazine industry, A quick scroll through the module home page shows the broad range of subjects one could have chosen to undertake for the final topic of the module.


Given the choices associated with this topic, I was able to find one that interested me greatly and since publishing my main post, I have been able to research the subject further. Indeed, public funded magazines are an example of how open access can work in practice. By relying on public funds, publication fees and institutional members, this strain of magazine cuts out subscription and licensing costs – an interesting development to my original post.

I chose to comment on Zac’s post as I found it to be relatable to my own. Zac raised some good points, but we had different opinions on why paywalls are set up. Whilst he felt it was competition based, I felt it was more an issue of quality and further research has shown this, with most high reputation outlets charging subscription fees, despite there being similar free material elsewhere (Yachts & Yachting and Scuttlebutt News is the best example I found).

Joe’s blog was very intriguing – It seemed strange to me that a producer would want their material pirated as this would nullify profit. Whilst I pointed this out in my comment, on reflection I do feel he makes a good point in that at the very least, their material would be seen by far more consumers, helping to make a name for themselves.

Technical issues meant I was unable to interact much with my fellow bloggers, which was a shame in the most engaging topic yet. However, small consolation was had in that this week was the first time my post attracted attention from outside the module.

Word Count: 308


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Zac’s BlogScreen Shot 2016-12-15 at 18.53.36.png

Joe’s BlogScreen Shot 2016-12-15 at 18.55.37.png


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